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Ginny Mackles, Westchester County, New York

What does Mainstreaming Reiki mean to you?
Mainstreaming Reiki means bringing the practice of Reiki into expanded public forums. Continuing to demonstrate that Reiki is a viable support to all in every walk of life.

Where have you practiced that you would consider mainstream?
I am grateful to be practicing Reiki every day of my professional life. As a Psychotherapist, holding a license in Mental Health Counseling, nearly 80% of the clientele in my private practice receive Reiki as part of their session. Clients report relaxing with Reiki at the end of a session helps them integrate the insights gained from the work. I witness that they are typically able to move through life’s challenges with much greater ease and less time then with traditional talk-therapy approaches. Most ultimately choose to learn Reiki.

As a speaker at the annual After Loss Conference in Stamford, Connecticut I demonstrate Reiki as a support during the grieving process. We have an entire room of volunteers offering Reiki to those experiencing grief. I have presented Reiki at the Global Community for Integrative Medicine Conference in Tuscany, Italy as well as numerous television appearances, most recently on “Your Health Today”.

I’ve also extended my practice into the mainstream by creating a CD, The Reiki Journey: Guided Meditations for Mindful Living that is available to practitioners globally, and also serves as an introduction for those new to Reiki.

To mainstream Reiki, what steps can you suggest to the Reiki community?
Stay in your integrity. Build credibility for the Reiki Community by being credible in your words, actions, and promotions. Be clear about the facts of what Reiki is and the research that supports it. Uphold a positive and professional example as a Reiki practitioner. Educate and offer Reiki to those open to it. Share how Reiki has supported you in your life.

What do I see on the horizon for Reiki?
Our local Northern Westchester Hospital offers Reiki readily to patients and I am inspired to see many hospitals doing the same. I believe we will see more healthcare providers becoming Reiki attuned. More therapists in my area are asking for Reiki training. Reiki will continue to spread.

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