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Louisya Graves, New York, New York

What does Mainstreaming Reiki mean to you?
Mainstream Reiki to me is Spiritual Activism in practice. When I offer Reiki in community settings, I witness the gratitude of those who receive Reiki. My body, heart and mind becomes renewed, I find my networks expanding and I develop deeper, more loving relationships with the communities I offer sessions to, and find myself completely blessed and peaceful.

Where have you practiced that you would consider mainstream?
Integral Yoga Institute NY and Third Root Community Center in Brooklyn, NY. Both places are very active in community service. Integral Yoga provides discount services and classes for people with Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, 9/11 1st responders, HIV, Veterans, people who lost their jobs, Children. Etc. Third Root strives to thrive and achieve social justice and community wellness by providing holistic, collaborative care in an accessible and sustainable manner. Both places provide me with loving support and show me how necessary and welcomed Reiki is in community settings. I am a Reiki practitioner at Integral Yoga’s Wellness Spa, and a Reiki volunteer at Third Root one Saturday a month.

To mainstream Reiki, what steps would you suggest to the Reiki community?
Volunteer to give Reiki in every type of community service where you live. Schools, hospitals, community centers, senior citizens centers, police stations, churches, veterinarian hospitals, shelters, block events, health fairs, etc.

Allow yourself to be known by people who live and work in your communities, not only just as a Reiki practitioner but as a person who truly cares and can be relied upon in times of need. Share of yourself and your life and allow people to share their stories and their lives with you. Become a social advocate of Reiki, compassion and love.

What do I see on the horizon for Reiki?
I see Police and Fire Departments offering Reiki as part of their training. Reiki being taught in every grade in schools. Doctors, nurses, ministers, social workers and counselors attuned as Reiki practitioners. Parents giving Reiki to their children and children giving Reiki to their parents. Reiki everywhere, loving everyone and everyone loving Reiki.

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