Welcome to the 2012 New York Reiki Conference!

We are excited about the extraordinary group of speakers that has come together, and below is more detail on the agenda.

Sheldon Marc Feldman, M.D., Chief, Division of Breast Surgery at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center will be presenting, “Optimizing Surgery with Reiki”. Dr. Feldman welcomes healers into the operating room, and has even asked on of his patients to discuss her experiences at the conference.

Robert N. Fueston, a Reiki historian, will discuss, “Reiki 2 vs. Master Level: Historical Events”. Robert has studied with and/or interviewed almost all of Mrs. Takata’s master students and will be discussing information from his upcoming book covering the two waves of Takata masters, before and after her initial retirement.

For non-Reiki practitioners, an “Introduction to Reiki” presentation will also be available at this time.

Frans Stiene, internationally renowned Reiki teacher and author will be delivering the part experiential, part informational Keynote Presentation, “The Simplicity of Reiki”. Frans and his wife Bronwen were two of the first to document mainstream Reiki practitioners around the world through through their podcast interviews, and Frans continues to pursue knowledge of the history and spiritual practices surrounding Reiki and the power within its simplicity.

Gloria Gronowicz, Ph.D. will be speaking about the “Effects of Human Biofield Therapy on Cancer Cells”. Well known for her study documenting the effects of Therapeutic Touch (energy therapy) on human bone cells, Dr. Gronowicz will be discussing her most current research on breast cancer and biofield therapy.

Kimberly Fleisher, director of the Reiki School in Philadelphia, PA will speak about, “Creating A Lasting Reiki Community”. Many Reiki professionals struggle with creating community, building their practice, and integrating Reiki into the mainstream. Kimberly will outline The Reiki School + Clinic’s key secrets for developing lasting Reiki community and highlight how this 13-year old model has helped propel the school into mainstream integrative care in Philadelphia.

Bill Stevens, a member of the Congregation of Christian Brothers, has worked with hospice families for well over 30 years and will discuss, “Reiki at the End of Life”. A former hospital chaplain, Bill currently works with the Visiting Nurse Association of Central New Jersey, and in 2010 was awarded Hospice Reiki Practitioner of the Year Award by the New Jersey Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.

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